Worship/Celebration Groups


The acolytes are a group of confirmation-age youth who assist the pastor with specific tasks during the worship services.

For more information about the Acolyte program, contact Karen Bramer at 707-1537.

Altar Guild

The members of the altar guild are responsible for preparing the sanctuary for worship. They care for the paraments on the altar and the pulpit. They also prepare for communion by ensuring that ample communion cards and pencils are in the pew, and they prepare the bread and wine for communion. They also wash the communion cups and clean up after communion services.

For more information about the Altar Guild, contact Judy Seeley at 836-2525.


Periodically, the members of the senior choir, along with folks from other area churches, put on a special musical program. Members of the community are invited to attend any activity at Grace, especially the music and drama presentations.

Communion Assistants

Communion assistants assist the pastor in serving communion at the worship services.

For more information about the communion assistants, contact Eugene Doell at 734-9662.