Ten Ideas for Everyday Outreach

No elaborate planning is necessary!

1. Pay attention to the people around you in your neighborhood or at work. Send up an arrow prayer as you walk by them.

2. Be mindful of those who serve you—bank tellers, grocery store clerks, fast food workers. Look them in the eye and tell them you appreciate their service.

3. Leave a note of encouragement on a coworker’s desk or on the windshield of their car.

4. When you walk past a piece of trash on the ground, pick it up and throw it in a garbage can.

5. When someone says they’re having a bad day, stop and ask if you can pray for them right there.

6. At the drive through, pay for the meal of the person behind you.

7. Stop and talk with a homeless person. Find out their story.

8. Before leaving a restaurant, jot a thank-you note to your server and leave it on the table or call the manager over and explain how much you enjoyed the service.

9. Go out of your way to be friendly to a prickly person.

10. When you’re talking with someone, give them the gift of your full attention.

The layers of the fountain represent God’s love flowing . . .

. . . To our families

. . . To our church family

. . . To our community

. . . To the world

Neighbor-hood Party!

Sovereign Days Parade

From top left—the Grocery Cart Drill Team

Milly (Mary Poppins) Mathison

The food donation trailer and other float units.

The balloon/candy/toy handout “Runners”!