Confirmation Ministry occurs most Wednesday evenings during the school year, beginning at 6:30 with worship and concluding around 7:30.  This is appropriate for all ages of students and adults; ALL are welcomed.  (Confirmation Ministry will not occur when schools do not have a full day or when a school vacation occurs the following Thursday.)  Additional activities will be created to supplement this ministry.


Connection with the worship life of the congregation is a primary aspect and goal of Confirmation Ministry.  The Wednesday worship services each Wednesday will focus on the scripture and themes of the Narrative Lectionary as will also occur on the following Sunday 10:30 worship service.  The Narrative Lectionary will shape part of the class following the Wednesday worship service.  Confirmation Ministry will also include more traditional catechism materials.  The concluding part of the confirmation time each Wednesday will be dedicated to organizing participants for the next Sunday’s worship service.


All baptized members of Grace Lutheran desiring to become confirmed members are asked to create and regularly add to a portfolio of events and experiences that contribute to personal, relational and faith development.  The portfolio can be useful when a person applies to the council for confirmed membership in Grace.


Two significant responsibilities mark the confirmed member of Grace Lutheran Church: 

As a confirmed member of Grace, one is affirming their baptism publicly and defining that they are taking on primary responsibility to nurture their own life of faith

The confirmed member is also taking on the responsibility for the life, mission, and ministry of Grace Lutheran Church, along with the other confirmed members (this includes personal involvement and financial support.) 


A confirmed member is personally adopting as his/her own the five “intentions” described in the Affirmation of Baptism liturgy in the Evangelical Lutheran Worship hymnal.  Confirmed members have the privilege to vote in congregational meetings and are encouraged to take on leadership roles in the congregation. 


Confirmed membership is NOT about completing an education process.  It is about choosing to have a life responsive to the gospel of Jesus Christ, being personally responsible for one’s ongoing faith formation, and making commitment to the life, mission, and ministry of the congregation.  The church council is charged with the task of determining the confirmed membership of the congregation.