What is Ruth’s Pantry?

Ruth’s Pantry is a ministry of Grace Lutheran Church of Winchester. This ministry has continuously provided food, clothing, and household goods to those in need since 1983.

The purpose of the Pantry is to distribute groceries free of charge to people, regardless of religious, ethnic, or political background, who need help making financial ends meet.

Where did the name of Pantry come from?

The pantry is named after Ruth in the Old Testament of the Bible who picked leftover barley in the fields of her distant relative, Boaz, after she and her mother-in-law were widowed. Ruth found a way to support herself during a difficult time through the kindness of Boaz. We, in turn, find it a privilege to gather and distribute food to others in their need.

Who qualifies for help from Ruth’s Pantry?

Ruth’s Pantry uses the same income guidelines as the government food stamp program to determine eligibility.

You may also qualify if you have experienced a job loss, high medical bills, or other unusual circumstances.

Pantry Hours

Ruth’s Pantry operates weekly on Mondays except on holidays. The hours are as follows:

9:00 to 11:00 a.m.

4:00 to 6:00 p.m.

If the Winneconne School District cancels classes, Ruth’s Pantry will be closed.

Where is Ruth’s Pantry?

Ruth’s Pantry serves households from Ruth’s House, the large white house near the ball parks across the street from

Grace Lutheran Church of Winchester

8396 Steeple Hill Drive

Larsen, WI 54947


A map showing the roads to Winchester

“. . . offering groceries to those who are trying to make ends meet . . .”


From the south, take Highway 45 to County Highway II. Turn right to enter Winchester and right on Steeple Hill Drive. The church and Ruth’s House are atop the hill, just past the cemetery.

Ruth’s Pantry

Ruth’s Pantry on a busy Monday in October. We are thankful that God provides food for the patrons of the Pantry. We are thankful for the volunteers who stock the shelves and distribute the Pantry goods. We are also thankful for God’s beautiful creation.

Ruth’s Pantry Notes

Did you know?

¨ The Pantry earned more than $1250 in cash and donations at the fall fundraiser at Willy Beamon’s in October.

¨ Ruth’s Pantry picks up                 approximately 1.5 tons of food twice a month from the Feeding America distribution warehouse in Omro.

¨ Average number of volunteer hours weekly is 60 to 80.

¨ New volunteers are always appreciated on Monday mornings and Monday afternoons.

¨ Pantry volunteers are committed to this ministry and have FUN serving.

Did you also know that?

¨ For the majority of our guests, the food we distribute lasts 3 days or less.

¨ Ruth’s Pantry distributes approximately 600 items to those in need every week.

¨ We have reached our maximum ability to pick up and haul 1.5 tons of food using a volunteer pickup truck and the pantry trailer.

¨ The number of households served weekly is 50+.

¨ Guests tell us they value items we provide like frozen meats, diapers, fresh fruit and vegetables, in addition to canned goods and other nonperishables. 

¨ The clothing from Ruth’s Closet and “EVERYTHING” we provide greatly helps.