Your Congregation Council members have met with representatives from the local synod office and are working on completing the forms needed in preparation to the forming of a call committee. That work is mostly completed, and the council is in the process of forming a call committee to look at prospective pastors to fill our vacancy. Much progress has been made, but there is still a long way to fill out pulpit with a permanent pastor. Pastor Brian has been a huge help to the Council as they complete their work.

The Council would like to thank the members of the congregation for their patience and their continued financial support as the work of Christ and of Grace continue. And the members of Grace would like to thank our hardworking Council members for moving us forward in the process.

Beginning back in May, worship services have been held in the close-to-nature outdoor worship area across the street from the church. Now, with autumn in the air, worship services have been moved indoors to the Grace Lutheran sanctuary. Everyone is invited. No reservations are necessary, and masking is optional.