Don Reichert, who is hospitalized in Arizona for bleeding from his leg following a bump. (11-27-21)

Jim Holl, who is recovering lung cancer surgery. (11-24-21)

Adele, who is hospitalized for a variety of issues. (11-19-21)

Dayna Williamson, who is hospitalized with COVID. (11-19-21)

Dan Eisch, who is hospitalized in Wausau with issues resulting from congestive heart failure. (11-29-21)

Sandy, who is struggling with a persistent infection. (11-19-21)

Kate Christianson, who is continuing her rehab at home. (11-12-21)

The family of Patricia Gulbrandsen. Pat passed away on Friday, October 15. (10-18-21)

A youngster who is emotionally struggling with everything. (10-12-21)

Levi, the child with the brain tumor. He is currently at Children’s hospital in Milwaukee. (9-24-21)

The family of Joel Reichert, who passed away in Tucson, AZ. (Wife – Lisa, sons – Ben and Sam, parents – Carol and Don.) (6-8-21)

Our friend, Jim, whose expertise made this new Web site possible. (2-15-21)